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A new website,, claims it can profile your "travel personality" based on a short questionnaire. I recently gave the site a whirl.

I answered a 15-question quiz, and the website concluded I was a "centric venturer," one of six personality profiles. Other personalities include "authentics," who tend to opt for familiar and well-established tourist destinations, and "venturers," who enjoy spontaneous, adventuresome trips to unique or barely charted locales. Most travelers fall somewhere in the middle, leaning slightly toward one extreme.

However skeptical I might have been, the description for my personality was, for the most part, fairly accurate. It recognized that, although I may think of myself as an adventuresome traveler (and who doesn't?), I still look forward the assurance of a warm bed at the end of a long day. While centric venturers visit exotic destinations and mix modes of transportation, they tend to return to a trusted, favorite vacation spot every few years.

Interestingly, centric venturers move on once an area has become overly touristy or commercialized:

"When over-commercialization sets in, signified by many souvenir shops, the intrusion of fast food outlets, and the diesel smell from too many tourist buses, you will move on to some other place that has not yet lost its qualities of freshness and uniqueness."

The quiz makes bold predictions about where travelers with your personality like to visit. It even offers travel suggestions, such as "you might visit smaller towns and enjoy leisurely drives through the countryside."

If you take the quiz here, please tell us if you think the results accurately portray your travel personality.—Liz McKenzie

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