Wanna see your pet featured in 'Budget Travel'?

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Then tell us about a recent experience you had traveling with your pet.

For an upcoming Trip Coach column on pet travel, we'd like to feature some real-life reader tales from the road. If you've recently traveled with your pet -- and you learned something from the experience you care to share with the rest of us -- please write in to the Comments section and tell us what happened.

Specifically, we want to know:

What kind of pet do you have?

Where did you go on vacation?

What strategy (or strategies) did you use to try to make traveling easier for you and your pet? Did you pick a certain mode of transportation, thinking it'd work better than others? Or a specific hotel for its pet-friendly policies? Did you try out a special carrier for your pet? Did you somehow alter your pet's diet or sleeping habits in advance of the trip?

Finally, what strategies worked, and what didn't? What did you learn from the experience? What advice would you give to travelers heading away from home with their pets, and what would you do differently next time around?

Please send us your stories, and we'll reach out privately to the pet owners whose tips (and pets) we'd like to feature in the magazine. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences -- and for making life a little less stressful for pet-loving travelers everywhere.

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