What $100 Buys in... Mexico City


Cultural traditions are being reinvented in inspired (and kitschy) ways across the city.

$14 Glasses These four tequila glasses from design shop Artefacto pay homage to San Honesto, who protects against lies and corruption. In tequila veritas? 94 Amatlán Rd., 011-52/55-5286-7729.

$10 Calendar The calendars from Ediciones Malinalco feature old newspaper ads found at Mexican flea markets. 112 Frontera Rd., 011-52/55-5511-2660.

$10 Shadow box For Day of the Dead, homes are decorated with dioramas of skeletons engaged in happy activities. San Angel market, Saturdays.

$9 Body scrub Botanicus products use native plant extracts, such as the skin-softening prickly pear. 128 L-1 Michoacán Ave., 011-52/55-5211-9532.

$25 T-shirt Hipsters love tees by the company called Naco (slang for tacky). D.F. is Distrito Federal, the local term for the city. 126-B Yautepec Rd., 011-52/55-5286-1343.

$27 Tequila At the Condesa df hotel, even the tequila in the gift shop is stylish. 102 Veracruz Ave., 011-52/55-5241-2600, condesadf.com.

$3 Bracelet At the Saturday market in the San Angel neighborhood, vendors sell hand-beaded bracelets that celebrate heroes from lucha libre, or Mexican wrestling.

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