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  • Moose at Maroon Lake - A young moose, with only one antler, walking and feeding in Maroon Lake at base of Maroon Bells on a sunny Summer evening. Aspen, Colorado, USA.

    State of Colorado

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      Come to Life

      Colorado’s beauty stirs a thirst to get out and enjoy every moment. In the summer, "Come to Life" hiking in Colorado’s dense backcountry, paddling canyon-carving rivers, grinning next to a wildflower-lined waterfall or wrangling a feisty rainbow trout. In the winter, Colorado’s brilliant sun-soaked skies, pristine powder-filled valleys and iconic snow capped peaks make it a proverbial winter wonderland, beckoning all to discover its spectacular landscape.

      Need ideas for a trip to Colorado? Check out this people and planet-friendly adventure from Intrepid Travel:

      Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

      Colorado is a four-season destination offering unparalleled adventure and recreational pursuits, a thriving arts scene, a rich cultural heritage, flavorful cuisine and 28 renowned ski areas and resorts. The state's breathtaking scenic landscape boasts natural hot springs, the headwaters of seven major rivers, 43 state parks, many peaceful lakes and reservoirs, four national parks, eight national monuments, 26 scenic and historic byways and 58 mountain peaks that top 14,000 feet. Get inspired by Colorado’s spectacular natural backdrop.

      Visitors to the state are encouraged to Do Colorado Right and let Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principles be a guide. Know before you go, lead with kindness and care, respect the beautiful landscape and leave it as you found it. Click below for more information and travel ideas.

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