Travel Blogs

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There are times when you just can't wait to tell family and friends about your latest adventure.

Whether you're driving through the Australian Outback or getting up close and personal with bears in the wilds of Alaska, it's easy to keep everyone in the loop by creating your own travel blog. All you need is a digital camera and access to a computer.

Websites such as,, and allow travelers to set up their own online journals. After registering, you can invite family and friends to read your blog. They'll be able to see pictures from your latest trip moments after you download images from your digital camera.

Perhaps best of all, these services are totally free. So instead of using up minutes on your cell phone or sending the standard e-mail, consider setting up a customized travel blog. 

If you don't have a laptop, updating your blog is as easy as finding the nearest Internet café.

And to avoid even the tiny amount you'd pay at an Internet café, check out public libraries. Many let you go online for free.

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