All-Inclusive Resort Weddings

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Many properties offer wedding packages for a reasonable fee, or even free. Use this worksheet to decide the details for your big day.

All-inclusive resorts offer packages covered by one price. You'll pay in advance for your room as well as meals, drinks, taxes, watersports, entertainment, airport transfers, and more. All-inclusive resorts also offer wedding packages; a few are free and most are very reasonable. Most of these properties have wedding planners on staff to help you with all the details.

Are we OK about the idea of a wedding on the resort property?
__ yes __ no

Most all-inclusives arrange for weddings on the property grounds. If you would like to get married elsewhere, you may have to hire a local wedding coordinator. Check with your potential resort to see if they can help you arrange weddings off property if that's your interest.

What does the all-inclusive package include?

__ officiant's fee
__ marriage license
__ services of wedding coordinator
__ transportation to government offices, if needed
__ bride's bouquet
__ groom's boutonnière
__ champagne
__ recorded music
__ small wedding cake
__ witnesses, if needed
__ photos

Do we want more than what is offered in the wedding package? __ yes __ no

What is the minimum stay for the wedding package?
_______ nights

How many weddings are performed at this resort every year?

How many weddings are typically performed in a day at this resort during the month of our wedding?

If individuality is important or if your ceremony and reception will require special attention, check with the property on the number of weddings they host. Will you be one of five weddings at the resort that day or will yours be the only one?

What venues are available for receptions? What are the minimum and maximum guest sizes for each venue?

Reception site 1
Minimum # guests _______
Maximum # guests _______

Reception site 2
Minimum # guests _______
Maximum # guests _______

Reception site 3
Minimum # guests _______
Maximum # guests _______

How long can we have this reception site?

Make sure you'll be able to keep the reception site as long as you need it; hotels that have booked many functions may only be able to allow you to keep the facility for a few hours.

How are these venues typically decorated?

What are our options for champagne and other drinks at the reception?

What is the per person reception cost?

Is there a curfew on property? __ yes __ no

Some properties have a curfew for outdoor functions so other guests can sleep. If you're planning a late-night party, consider an outdoor cocktail function and an indoor reception or an outdoor reception and an indoor meal and music.


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