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Highlights from the March 2005 issue of Budget Travel

Dream Destinations Around the World
Get the details on travel to seven of the world's greatest wonders.

Trip Coach: Romantic Italy
A soldier recently returned from overseas combat treats his wife to a romantic Italian getaway.

Spain's New Golden Age
Spain is experiencing a cultural renaissance that is transforming the country from industrial wastelands into vibrant, hip neighborhoods.

Road Trip: Mendocino County
Just hours from San Francisco, Mendocino County features dramatic coastline and rolling inland hills.

How to Buy a Bikini in Rio
It's no secret that life in Rio de Janeiro revolves around the beach. So if you want to blend in, your first step is to dress the part.

Mr. & Mrs. Globetrotter
A round-the-world traveler shares her tips for a successful trip.

A Cruise You Can Use
The man behind European low-fare airline EasyJet wants to reinvent the cruise business.

Road Trip: The Arkansas Ozarks
Small-town America is morphing into suburban sprawl, but not in the Arkansas Ozarks.

Confessions of a Hotel Executive
A hotel insider gives secrets on getting the best service.

All-Star Family Camps
Family summer camps are a great and affordable way to experience the great outdoors without the worry that your kids will fall off a cliff or get fatally bored.

The Best Ecolodges in the World
Tourism hurts, but you can make it a bit more environmentally-friendly by staying at one of these recommended ecolodges.

Take My Word: Peter Carey on Malaysia 
The author dishes on a special spot.

When Chains Can Charm
Visiting a foreign chain can give you a real sense of just how unique a place can be.

College Town: Columbia, Missouri
Downtown Columbia has an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and music venues that gives the area a remarkably progressive vibe for the middle of the Midwest.

Milking Your Manicure
Fancy spas secretly offer full access to their luxurious facilities--even if you've just come to have your nails done.

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