How Good Is That Airfare Sale?

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A new service from the website Farecast takes some of the guesswork out of booking airfare sales.

Airfare-prediction website Farecast has just launched a free service that's worth checking out. It's called Farecast Deals. The service rounds up airfare sales for 26 major cities, listing deals by weekends, last-minute getaways, weeklong trips, family vacations, and overall best savings.

Here's the new twist: Farecast estimates how good of a deal each sale fare is. It does this by comparing each airline deal with ticket prices on record for the past couple of years. Give the service a spin by clicking here.

As we told you earlier this year, Farecast is a free online service that helps travelers decide whether they should buy a ticket now or wait and hope that the price drops. The website does this by searching for patterns in ticket prices on record and comparing yesterday's low fares with the lowest fares available in the next 90 days. It then predicts how much a specific airfare will rise or fall in the next week. So far, Farecast says its guesses have been right three out of four times.

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