Three Selections From '1080 Recipes'

courtesy Javier Mariscal/Phaidon Press

A 35-year-old bible of Spanish cooking gets its first English translation--and a new look--this fall. We've reprinted three classic recipes and some food for thought from Inés Ortega, who wrote the book with her mother.

An excerpt from the Introduction to 1080 Recipes:

My family has always regarded three things as important in our lives: reading, writing and cooking. I spent years watching my mother cook and later, as I grew up, I started to help her in the kitchen. As a result of constant nagging from her friends, my mother was eventually persuaded to collect her recipes together into a book.

My father, being a publisher, then decided to publish this as 1080 Recipes, a title that was taken from the number of recipes that the book contained. We never for a moment imagined that over the course of a little more than 3 decades this book would become a cookery classic and that we would soon be celebrating millions of copies sold!

Later, as I began writing and publishing my own cookery books, my mother began to ask me to update or modify recipes with her. —Inés Ortega.

Reprinted from 1080 Recipes by Simone and Inés Ortega, published by Phaidon Press, 2007,, $39.95 hardcover.

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