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We "mature travelers" (i.e., well past the backpacking, "shorts and T-shirt age") are leaving for three weeks in the Greek islands, so here's how I packed everything into our two carry-on suitcases! (This is the same amount of luggage that we used when we traveled around the world for seven months.) [PHOTO]

Here are some essential packing aids that I like:

Clothes for hubby: three knit short-sleeved shirts and two long-sleeved shirts. [PHOTO]

I like to fold them this way and slip them into a bag to keep them wrinkle-free and all in one place. [PHOTO]

Eight T-shirts, three hankies, a hat, and seven pairs of socks should be enough before doing any laundry. [PHOTO]

Toss in a casual pair of slacks, as well as a dressy pair, sandals, and some underpants, along with the swim trunks! [PHOTO]

Now for my things: the swimsuit, underwear, and knit pj's that work for lounging also. [PHOTO]

Eight tops (probably more than I need—but heck, I'm a female!). [PHOTO]

Stick 'em in the bag. [PHOTO]

Two cardigans to keep me warm, dressy black slacks, white capris, and a pair of shorts should give enough variety, with sandals and slides that will also work as slippers. [PHOTO]

Now to get everything into the suitcase—I create a flat surface with rolled T-shirts, etc. [PHOTO]

Pants and shirts can now lie flat and wrinkle-free. [PHOTO]

In go the hats—and since there's room left—a little black knit dress and a shawl (with hopes for a special evening) and slippers for hubby. Ready to zip it up, weighing in at 29.2 pounds! [PHOTO]

Hubby decides he wants a lightweight shirt for sun protection, so that goes in, along with his rain jacket, with reference paperwork slipped into the top pocket. [PHOTO]

Some more items we always take with us: day pack, clothesline, laundry bag, expandable tote, blow-up neck pillow, and eyeshades. [PHOTO]

I save bulky items like shoes, etc., for the second bag. It's a breeze to pack, using underwear to fill in spaces. [PHOTO]

Toiletries go in last. My raincoat slips into the outside pouch for a total of 26.8 pounds. [PHOTO]

Mini containers of cosmetics and liquids fit into our Ziploc bags and then into Larry's attaché, along with camera equipment, snacks, magazines, and blow-up pillows for the plane trips. A purse, travel docs, and a pouch for miscellaneous items go into my waterproof beach tote. And we're ready to go! [PHOTO]

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