A reader writes: "Continental's new exit row fee is stupid"

Courtesy egmb757lover/Flickr
A Continental 737 on a low approach

Tell us what you really think, Linda Pfaender:

Continental's new charge for a seat with more legroom is stupid. So some elderly person pays the $59 for the exit seat for more legroom but physically cannot understand or get the emergency door open??? When will the airlines become rational again? Why doesn't the FAA step in and stop this silliness? What happened to people's rights as consumers? How about the safety of all of the people on the planes? Please, someone HELP!

Well, in case you missed it, here's the backstory:

Starting March 17, Continental will allow passengers to reserve seats with 7–12 inches of more legroom. The fee for the seat reservation varies, but $59 per flight is typical. The perk is offered at check-in. But seats may not always be available because Continental's elite frequent-flier members continue to have first dibs on these seats at no charge.

What do you think? Is Continental doing the right thing?

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