A real life "message in a bottle" washes ashore 35 years later

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In 1973, an 11-year old traveling with his family on a cruise ship tossed a message in a bottle overboard. It survived more than 30 years at sea. The sealed bottle of Tab soda was recently discovered by a 26-year old vacationer on Middle Caicos, in the British West Indies.

Connecticut's Stamford Advocate reports that the message said: "I am on the Vistafjord. Write back to Andrew Tallos." The child included his mailing address.

The newspaper traced down Tallos. His sister remembers the event better than he does, saying that the entire family helped him throw the the bottle into the sea.

You're no longer supposed to throw things off of cruise ships. But, regardless, this is a neat story.

[Stamford Advocate via USA Today's Cruise Log]

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