Airlines behaving badly

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This past Sunday, as the Fourth of July holiday weekend wrapped up, passengers on American Airlines flight 1908 from Miami to New York's LaGuardia airport were delayed an hour and 15 minutes—waiting for the crew to arrive. When the crew finally rolled in, passengers greeted them with boos.

Not cool, right? Well, get this: Two of the crew members refused to work in what they called a hostile environment, so American Airlines canceled the flight!

The airline put everyone up for the night, according to a report by Fox 5 TV News in New York City. The next day, it flew them to LaGuardia. But here's the rub: The airline sent the baggage to J.F.K. airport instead! Perhaps the airline misdirected the bags by accident, but the coincidence is extremely suspect.

I throw my hands up at this rudeness free-for-all! Without condoning these passengers' behavior, I do think that there are genuine reasons for their anger. Airlines are hiking up prices, tacking on fees, charging for checked luggage—but not improving service. Then again, individual airline employees are seeing their benefits and salaries reduced to shreds while bearing the brunt of passengers' anger at airline policies. But this suspicious rerouting of baggage makes it look like the world's largest airline is acting no better than booing passengers!

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