An airfare search with a sense of humor


Launched this year by a co-founder of and a co-founder of, the new flight-search site Hipmunk swaps hyper-specialized travel tools for sheer simplicity. There are just three mandatory search fields to fill on the home page—and nothing but a cute cartoon of a chipmunk in aviator's goggles to distract you from the task at hand.

The flight results are displayed on a single-page bar graph, color-coded by airline, which makes comparing dozens of options incredibly easy, and user-friendly pop-up windows show the down-and-dirty details of each flight without taking you away from the results page.

Then there's my favorite part: You can sort the list by price, departure time, or "agony," which factors in stuff like duration, layovers, and number of stops.

It may not be revolutionary, but Hipmunk's offer of streamlined service with a knowing wink is probably enough to win this site a healthy following.

[Via Rundown USA]

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