Are You An Expert Packer?


Think you know a thing or two about packing for a trip? Do you fold? Or roll? Do you plan your outfits in advance? Perhaps most importantly, how many pairs of underwear do you pack?

A recent study by revealed some helpful (and sometimes entertaining!) details about the packing habits of American travelers. Do you recognize your own packing techniques among these findings?

Getting organized. American travelers report some smart organizational thinking that will come as no surprise to experienced Budget Travelers: More than half of us make packing lists, 77 percent plan outfits in advance, and 42 percent start packing two or three days before leaving. On the other hand, 26 percent (including yours truly) tend to wait until the night before a trip.

Fresh underwear. Congratulations, America. A whopping majority of you either pack a pair of underwear for every day of your trip plus a spare (45 percent), a pair for every day (26 percent), or two pairs for every day (17 percent).

Ample footwear. Do you tend to pack two or three pairs of shoes? You may be surprised to learn that you’re among the 74 percent who reported doing the same. The footwear-obsessed are in the minority, with 7 percent packing four or five pairs and 2.5 percent packing more than five. And contrary to gender stereotypes, these trends were relatively consistent for male and female travelers.

Packing techniques. While folding clothes remains the go-to method for 70 percent of travelers, 30 percent say they roll their clothes (a wrinkle-reducing, space-saving technique that has been gaining in popularity, thanks in part to coverage by Budget Travel). And if you consider yourself good at packing, it might interest you to know that 81 percent of Americans feel the same way about themselves, even though only 45 percent say they actually wear everything they pack.

To carry-on or check? If you’re like me, you prefer not to check a bag, and 57 percent agree with me on this, so much so, in fact, that 39 percent say they try to push the limits of size and quantity of carry-on. We were impressed to learn that 42 percent weigh their luggage before going to the airport.

Family planning. Whoa. 65 percent of travelers who pack for a spouse or significant other, and 73 percent of those who pack for young children, are women. Speaking as a father of two, I gotta say: Get with it, guys!

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