Base jumping: The new sky-diving?

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This year, a documentary film called 20 Seconds of Joy will race around the world's film festival circuit, telling the story of gorgeous Norwegian B.A.S.E. jumper Karina Hollekim.

Karina has dived more than 400 times off of cliffs and other tall, fixed objects—with parachutes or wingsuits, of course. The movie focuses on her successful jumps as well as the day in 2006 when she crashed into rocks at about 60 miles an hour. Here's why she likes the sport:

"It forces you to feel. Extreme fear, then relief, then happiness. In my everyday life, I don't feel that much: But in the air, it's like being in love."

If the film is a hit—and I bet it will be—B.A.S.E. jumping events might soon draw far larger crowds of spectators than they currently do. For example, Bridge Day in Fayetteville, W. Va. currently draws tens of thousands of visitors every year, but fresh attention to the sport could draw more than 150,000 visitors >next Oct. 18.

Here's the trailer for 20 Seconds of Joy:

Update 1/16: Here's another cool video about base jumping with a wingsuit.

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