Which destinations are on your radar?


It's that time of year for taking stock of where we've been and where we're headed, not just in our daily lives, but in our travels.

When we recently asked readers how the weak dollar is affecting their plans, we received a flood of more than 200 comments. Many discussed seeking out alternatives to Europe—such as Argentina, Thailand, India, Croatia, and China—and staying closer to home (Alaska, Texas).

We have our own list of places that have recently piqued our interest (more on that after the jump), and we'd like to hear from you: Where are you headed in 2008?

Photo of a little cove in Bermuda, between Warwick Bay and Horseshoe Bay, by Buff Strickland (yes, that's his real name).

Montenegro: a newly independent country that's small in size, but big on the next-destination map.

Lalibela, Ethiopia: Home to 11 intriguing ancient churches carved into the Ethiopian earth.

Brooklyn, N.Y.: These days, the most interesting part of New York is across the East River.

Sangkhla Buri, Thailand: A Thai cultural melting pot with Buddhist monks who are commonly spotted crossing the old wooden bridge at sunrise.

New Orleans, La.: As the city continues to rebuild for years to come, there's plenty to rediscover.

Bermuda: With sand as soft as sifted flour, blue-green water, and an influx of low-cost flights and affordable lodging, the island has never been more appealing.

Caraíva, Brazil: A car-free, rustic beach town at the southern tip of the Brazilian state of Bahia.

Waitsburg, Wash.: Near Walla Walla, the sleepy town has neat shops and cafés like the Whoop, a hit with both wheat farmers and wine snobs.

Yarra Valley, Australia: You don't have to like wine to enjoy this region northeast of Melbourne (but it helps).

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