Best and worst tourism slogans: Reader edition

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More than 60 readers have written in with their picks for most notable tourism slogans.

Robert asks about Australia's doozy of a slogan: "Where the bloody hell are you?"

That one certainly gained some free P.R., but not always positive, as it was banned in some countries.

Kristine writes in about her home state, whose current slogan is: "Kansas, As big as you think."

I live here and I have no idea what that means! Most people have no idea where we are except "somewhere in the middle?" How would they know how big (or not) Kansas really is?? Sure wouldn't make me want to come here.

Jerry offers a current classic: "I Feel Slovenia."

This tourism slogan is slightly less hilarious if you boldface the "love" part of "Slovenia"—but not much. It's a shame. The awkward slogan makes Slovenia—beautiful country, lovely people—sound something like "Molvania: A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry." [Editor's note: See our earlier post on Molvania.]

Cristina adds:

Top on my list is Alaska's ad campaign on billboards that said B4UDIE, as in "see Alaska—BEFORE YOU DIE!" Also, my country's is awful (Chile): All Ways Surprising. Thankfully they're changing it next year.

Dale had this to say about Santa Fe, NM's slogan "The City Different"

"The City Different" is the slogan lousy.

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