Blogs: Achieving total information awareness

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Readers break into two camps. There are those who content themselves to read a couple of blogs, which edit all the world's info about their favorite topic, which highlight little-noticed bits of info, and which provide a particular point of view. And then there are those who want to be immediately updated on all the latest information from dozens of news sources, drinking from the fire hose of the Internet.

For those in you in the second camp--and I confess to being a news junkie, too--there's a website that debuted a couple of weeks ago just for you:

This site brings together the five most-recent posts from about 60 leading travel blogs, such as Family Travel, LA Times' Daily Deals, Europe a la Carte, and This Just In--and posts them all one screen. It's a travel-obsessed person's equivalent of Carnivore, the intelligence-gathering program tested by the government.

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