Carbon offsets: Worth it?

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"Paying A Bit Extra Each Flight Eases Guilt, But Not Emissions" is the headline of an odd front-page New York Times article this morning.

The "news" is that a tiny British home rental company, Responsible Travel, stopped selling carbon offsets for air travel. A month ago. Because the offsets "are distracting people from flying less."

The Times uses that "news" as an excuse to talk about offsets, which promise to make up for your share of carbon dioxide that planes, trains, and automobiles spew out during your travels.

Budget Travel recently took a crack at answering the question "Are Carbon Offsets Worth It?" and—I realize I'm biased here, but—we offered clear, easy to understand info.

We also shared some first-person stories of how different travelers felt about buying an offset for the first time. And we explained how a few well regarded companies spend the offset money to help the environment.

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