Contributor to anniversary issue feels like a star (sort of)

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Amy Koller of Yucaipa, Calif., who wrote about her family's trip to Hong Kong for our all-reader 10th-anniversary issue, just emailed to share an amusing story...

I just got the most random phone call. The caller id said "private," so it was a risk to answer it. But once I did, I was met with the most star-struck little old lady. Here's a bit of how the conversation went (events may be slightly dramatized for effect)...

Me: Hello? *said with a cool air of calm wisdom*

LOL (Little Old Lady): Is this Amy Koller? *voice shaking with anticipation and pure excitement*

Me: Yes...? *drenched in compassionate knowing of what was about to transpire*

LOL: Oh my... I'm just a little old lady from Yucaipa. I live up on Fremont Street in the mobile home park. I just got my issue of Budget Travel and I saw you in there. I'm just a little old lady from Yucaipa! *she sits to avoid fainting from the mere sound of my voice*

Me: hahahaha... yes. Aren't you cute. *This was like the politician kissing the local babies... just keepin' it real*

LOL: Oh my... I'm just a little old lady and I've lived in Yucaipa for so long and I saw it in the magazine! *probably just forgot to mention that she was more excited about talking to me than about seeing the name of her city in a magazine*

Me: hahahaha... yes. *I have such a way with words!*

LOL: Well, did you see it? Did you get your copy yet? *breathless from the earth-shattering excitement of actually getting through to a famous author*

Me: yes I...

LOL: I'm just a little old lady up on Fremont Street in the mobile home park. Well ok. bye. *click*

Me: thanks.... *dial tone*

So that was random... but fun. Feel free to start the official fan club now. I know a little old lady in a trailer park in Yucaipa who will wear the button! (and you can probably convince my mom to join too).

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