Disney World update

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Rumor: Walt Disney World may soon announce that it is pledging that all of its 18 hotels will meet new, industry-leading standards for environmental practices by next spring, reports the Orlando Sentinel. If true, each hotel will pledge to use non-toxic cleaners and meet measurable goals for conserving water and energy. Disney is often a bellwether of industry trends. For instance, Disney World led the industry last fall by moving to ban trans-fat foods from its parks, a practice that is now widespread among resorts, hotels, and cruise ships.

The Kingdom Rules. According to a press release from Zagat Survey, 48 percent of those surveyed picked the Magic Kingdom as their favorite park. Epcot was the 2nd favorite, with 36 percent of the vote.

Cool map of WDW: Check out this super-detailed Google mash-up map of Walt Disney World, which plots every location with a description and photos--including facts about individual rest rooms. (To see details, you need to zoom in by adjusting the map scale with the slider control on the side of the map.)

3 Ways to Avoid a Crowd at Disney World. [via Disney AnonyMouse blog]

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