Facebook oversharing causes trouble for travelers

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Facebook is a super way to connect with friends and family, but it can sometimes be tough on relationships. The main issue for travel lovers: When one person in a couple lives their life online while the other doesn't.

For some, it's about safety. It may be deeply unnerving when your sweetheart posts on Facebook about upcoming vacations. A spouse might say, "I don't think it should be public knowledge about when we're out of town." Or, more sarcastically, "Why don't you post a giant sign advertising to robbers the best time to break in to our place?"

For others, it's about privacy. Consider this story, reported in the Boston Globe:

Jared Wilk, 28, has a girlfriend who loves posting pictures to Facebook, a pastime he doesn't mind, except that it's gotten him into "trouble" with friends and relatives who are surprised to see pictures of him visiting their towns when they had no idea he was in the area.

After his girlfriend uploaded a picture of him running the "Rocky" steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art—a lifelong dream—cousins who live in the area, but whom he hadn't contacted, were "a little disappointed." College buddies in Washington, D.C., were likewise unhappy to see photos of him at the Lincoln Memorial when they didn't know he was in town.

Posting travel updates and videos to Facebook can also upset people who are shy. Some photos that may be cute when shared with your spouse aren't cute when shown to your co-workers and relatives. Does your Aunt Jean back home really need to see photos of you at a resort drinking at a swim-up bar?

Of course, the issues are generational. People under 30 generally post their lives online, while those in their 40s typically don't.

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