By Budget Travel
October 3, 2012

The first 15 people who email me at "soneill at newsweek dot com" will receive a free fuchsia beer cozy emblazoned with the name of our sister magazine Girlfriend Getaways. [Editor's note: This contest is now closed. May 11, 2007.]

The fine print: Your mailing address will be used to send the beer cozy. I promise not to put you on any mailing lists. One request per person, please. Residents of Arizona can't apply because of state regulations about contests.

By the way, Girlfriend Getaways covers a lot of fun topics, such as wine country weekends, sailing schools ("Chicks Ahoy!"), and what's new in Miami. If you haven't gotten a copy yet, you can buy one by clicking here.

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Travel Tips

How to take better photos of your friends

The photo editors at Budget Travel have put together a bunch of tips on taking better shots. Tip 1: Tuck Discreetly. In a perfect world, no one would ever have to be photographed by someone who's shorter than she is--it's a recipe for a double chin. If it's unavoidable, remember to tuck your chin down slightly, but not so far down so that it looks like you're doing a yoga stretch. This will minimize any jowliness and emphasize your sexy eyes instead. See our staff member, Lauren Feuer, illustrating the difference here. You'll find other cool tips and tricks when you check out this slide show.

Travel Tips

Share your supermarket souvenir

Love foreign supermarkets as much as we do? Now you can prove it. Many of our readers such as these guys) enjoy buying fun gifts at local supermarkets when they travel. We're looking for ones to print in Budget Travel's next issue. Send your pics to us by email: Or post your story in the comments section below. Thanks! (The image on the left is of a $4 bag of dates with a silly label on it -- "Dat'cha!" --that was recently for sale at the Julius Meinl store in downtown Vienna. But surely you've found supermarket souvenirs that are more fun or exotic than that. Hope to hear from you soon!)

Travel Tips

Our senior picture editor talks photography

You'll find some of my favorite photos in our new issue of Girlfriend Getaways on page 14 ("If He Looks Fun, Invite the Bellman"). Tara Donne shot some fabulous stills of different prop ideas for some themed party nights: movie night, game night, spa night, and dance night. The photo for game night is my favorite. (See a low-resolution version of it here). Check out the Pictionary pad with an adorable "head over heels" drawing, sketched by me (in less time than it took for the sand to run through the timer). You can find more of Tara's photography at --Rebecca Simpson, Senior Picture Editor

Travel Tips

How to become a travel blogger

Why write a blog about your travels? Maybe it's because you want a chance to win $500 in our "Blog-Off Contest." Or maybe it's because you eventually want to become a professional travel writer like Rolf Potts, who explains how he jump-started his career in this blog post. Or maybe you just want a more intense travel experience. At least, that was the case for friends Holly Corbett, Jennifer Baggett, and Amanda Pressner, who hit the road for a year to blog about their round-the-world travels. They call themselves The Lost Girls, and here's how they describe the main appeal of blogging a trip: "The simple process of articulating a personal travel moment and sharing it with strangers all over the online world can make you more appreciative and grateful for the opportunity you had to take the trip in the first place." For 10 tips on how to start a travel blog, click here to read an online Q&A; with the Lost Girls. And if you have a favorite "non-professional" travel blog (even if it's your own), let us know by posting a comment.