Frozen Attraction Coming to Walt Disney World

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If you've got young daughters, granddaughters, or nieces in your life, it's a safe bet that you can sing at least one verse of "Let It Go," the super-catchy hit song written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Lopez-Anderson for the smash Walt Disney Pictures animated musical Frozen. "Let It Go" is sung by the film's troubled young queen, Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel), who is wrestling with how to come to terms with her awesome, but frightening magical powers. The song has become something of an anthem for young girls (including my seven-year-old!) wrestling with their own awesome powers.

Frozen is that rare blockbuster that is actually superbly crafted and strikes a legitimate, non-sappy chord with its audience. With zeitgeist like that, could a theme park attraction be far behind?

Disney has announced that it will, indeed, build a Frozen attraction at Epcot's Norway Pavilion. As with other movie-based attractions at its parks, guests will be able to re-live scenes from the film, and even "meet" Princess Anna and Queen Elsa in a "royal greeting location."

The ride is probably more than a year from completion, but, like Diagon Alley, inspired by the Harry Potter series, it will be preceded by months of fan buzz and the purchase of airline tickets, hotel rooms, and Walt Disney World tickets.

We'd love to know: What's YOUR favorite movie-inspired theme park attraction?

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