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What is your favorite celebrity's favorite hotel? Sabrina Dent, who blogs at Wandalust, has posted a review of Hotels of the Rich and Famous, a website that helps you track the favored hotels of A- and B-list celebrities. She finds it easy and fun to use--and I do, too. For example, you can find Angelina Jolie's favorite hotels worldwide.

The best blog on the national parks has just gotten better. Kurt Repanshek, the author of a series of books about the parks and a former Associated Press reporter, has teamed up with park advocate and multimedia talent Jeremy Sullivan to create a informative website, National Parks Traveler. The advice for families is particularly strong. Kurt's occasional criticism of the Bush Administration will not be to everyone's liking, though.

It sounds like the punchline to a bad joke: What's the perfect gift for a budget traveler? An ice-cube maker for the car. Shirley Bragg points out on her always sensible blog Southern Byways the obvious flaw behind this idea. The more ice cubes you have, the more pit stops you'll need to make.

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