It's Still Worth It: 20 Travel-Inspiring Photos


Traveling may be the last thing on your mind now, but there are lots of deals to be found and, perhaps more than ever, we could all use a change of perspective or an adventure in search of the extraordinary. We dug through our files to find photos—from readers and pros—that are so spectacular they're bound to get you dreaming and planning again.

Photo: Banff National Park, Canada. (blarherzog/myBudgetTravel)

Photo: Pulau Ketam, a Malaysian island that's home to two sleepy fishing villages. (David Hagerman)

Photo: Mystery of the Moai of Easter Island. (chobart/myBudgetTravel)

Photo: Dominical, Costa Rica. (Nikki McLeod)

Photo: The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. (Jun Takagi)

Photo: Waterfront on Punda, Willemstad, Curaçao. (Philip Coblentz/Getty)

Photo: The moss garden at Saiho-ji Temple in Kyoto. (Roger Sherman)

Photo: Leeds Castle in Kent, England, regularly received Henry VIII as a guest. On the grounds are several mazes, a display on falconry, and a dog-collar museum. (Courtesy Leeds Castle Foundation)

Photo: Corn Islands, Nicaragua. (Wilhelm Scholz)

Photo: Weymouth, England. (Amanda Marsalis)

Photo: Monument Valley's Mitten buttes, at a tribal park off Route 42, four miles east of Highway 163. (Kara Lucchesi)

Photo: Kitsilano Pool, a heated saltwater pool, located at Kitsilano Beach park in Vancouver. (Martin Tessler)

Photo: La Belle Étoile, an ancient hotel and restaurant right on the banks of the Dordogne in France. (Aya Brackett)

Photo: The restaurant Casa de la Cerveza in Cartagena, Colombia, has excellent views of the Caribbean—and lots of couches for relaxing. (Ana Nance)

Photo: Prague's Old Town Square. (Emily Mott)

Photo: Little boy near Lake Titicaca, Peru. (sarsabf5/myBudgetTravel)

Photo: Fakarava Island, French Polynesia. (Dave Lauridsen)

Photo: A giraffe surveys the savanna in Botswana's Moremi Game Reserve. (Heather Anne Cunningham)

Photo: The Abruzzi mountains as seen from the town of Santo Stefano, Italy. (Amanda Marsalis)

Photo: Salinas Grandes, in Jujuy province, is the largest salt flat in Argentina. Hardy locals brave the wind and the persistent glare of the sun to harvest the salt. (Michael Mohr)

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