Kids who play with tech toys are less likely to travel

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Children who play computer games and use the Internet heavily tend to lose interest in traveling.

That's the view of futurologist Ian Yeoman, author of Tomorrow's Tourist. His prediction is based on studies of Japanese children—who are heavier users of electronics.

In his report sponsored by, Yeoman adds:

"In the world of a Go-Nowhere-Gamer, rather than go zorbing, rolling down a hill with friends, young people may stay indoors and take on the role of an action hero in a computer game…. Rather than take a weekend break in Europe together with friends, Go-Nowhere-Gamers might wander on an imaginary planet together.…

To compete with the increased interest in virtual leisure, museums, galleries and exhibitions will have to make real experiences more interactive and more engaging. Movies might become interactive. Restaurants might show guests how their food is being cooked via screens or involve their guests in the cooking process. Audio guides and standard video shows in museums could be replaced by visual mobile devices and interactive material."

The researcher also predicts that the rise of 3-D technologies, such as FujiFilm's 3-D camera debuting this fall, will discourage young children from traveling as they grow older.

What do you think? Are electronic games quashing our children's wanderlust?

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