London for $536 R/T, after taxes

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TodayZoom Airlines, a Canadian air carrier, began its first flights from New York City (JFK) to London (Gatwick). From today until July 14 you can fly to London round-trip for between $536 and $546, after taxes. So, what's the catch? Seats are assigned first-come, first-serve--unless you pay extra to select a seat in advance. "If you do not pay to pre-select your seat, there is no guarantee that you will be sitting next to your travelling companion(s)." Some of the transatlantic flights--on Tuesdays and Saturdays--have layovers in Bermuda. Check the itinerary of your flights before you book. One meal and one snack are included. Only about 44 pounds of luggage is allowed--below the limits for other airlines flying transatlantic right now. (If you fly "premium economy" you can carry up to 66 pounds of luggage.)

Earlier: Zoom promises to frequently offer round-trip airfares from New York City to London for $700, after taxes. The airline flies new Boeing 767-300ERs and it only has economy class and economy plus seats. In other words, seats with 36 inches of legroom are available for roughly twice the cost.


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