New trend: Touring destinations in 3-D

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Film critic Roger Ebert has called 3-D "a waste of a perfectly good dimension." But the success of Avatar has spawned renewed interest in technology that can show places in all of their glory. Now even travel companies are getting in on the act.

Yesterday, the site 3DLasVegas.comlaunched. This booking site piggybacks on Google Earth's satellite maps to offer detailed

simulations of the Mirage, the Venetian, and other hotel-resort complexes on The

Strip. Is this the future of travel planning? (You don't need to wear special glasses to see the site. See a preview of it, below.)

Jamaica is also making waves. Next January, the country's tourism board will debut 3-D commercials, aimed for cinemas and TVs that are equipped to screen 3-D. It's a tourism board first, says Tnooz, which reports that the ad includes images of the country's beaches and rainforests. You do need to wear special glasses to enjoy these ads.

See Vegas in 3-D in this YouTube video. Will the added sense of depth and action improve your travel-planning decisions?


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