Oslo Trumps Tokyo as Most Expensive City

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After a 14-year run, Japan's capital has dropped to second place in a detailed survey by The Economist's Intelligence Unit of the cost of doing business or staying as a tourist in 130 major destinations worldwide. The results reflect shifts in global prosperity, and a recent surge in profits from its offshore oilfields tipped the balance in favor of Oslo, Norway. European cities dominated eight of the top 10 slots thanks to the strength of the euro, while American cities have slipped in the ratings--the most expensive, New York City, fell to 27. Savvy travelers don't have to resign themselves to shelling out more cash just yet. There are still bargains to be found in Europe, and plenty of inexpensive destinations worth a look. We've long been running our own handy series from the opposite perspective: Cheapest Places on Earth.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities:

1. Oslo
2. Tokyo
3. Reykjavik
4. Osaka
5. Paris
6. Copenhagen 
7. London
8. Zurich
9. Geneva
10. Helsinki

Navigating Expensive Cities:

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