Our Top Travel Resolutions for 2006

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I generally have trouble with forced relaxation, but I resolve to get better at it! I want to go on the kind of vacation where you don't do a darn thing but sit somewhere warm and worry what to drink next. I've got my eye on Mexico's Riviera Maya and several islands in the Caribbean--particularly Jamaica and St. John. --Erik Torkells


  • The Easy, Breezy Riviera Maya
  • Get in good enough shape to ski a full day.--Brad Tuttle


  • In Search of the Perfect Ski Village
  • Milking my frequent flier status; subscribing to last minute fare sale newsletters-- and actually jumping on a last minute flight; going someplace far, far away.--Nina Willdorf


  • The New Rules: How to Use Miles Now
  • Learn to speak more fluently in Korean so I can reconnect with my roots.--Pam Abbott


  • How to Stay at a South Korean Temple
  • I resolve to have more beach time this year. --Suzy Walrath


  • Secret Hotels of the Caribbean
  • Buy new luggage and learn to pack light. --Laurie Kuntz


  • An Introduction to Packing
  • Go somewhere warm. --Rebecca Simpson


  • 10 Great Islands You've Never Heard Of!
  • Go to Toronto. --Laura MacNeil


  • Landscape: A New Art District in Toronto
  • Wear a big hat at the Kentucky Derby! --Tiffany Sharples


  • Crash the Party: The Kentucky Derby
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