Poll: Are quick trips abroad worth the travel time?

Courtesy dierken/Flickr

Always ones to keep our eyes out for a good deal, we've found some short vacation packages lately that have us rethinking our travel patterns.

We've been seeing air-and-hotel deals for non-U.S. destinations that only last 4 nights or less. Generally, we assume if travelers are going to fly 6 or more hours somewhere, they'll want to stay the better part of a week—but maybe that's not the case. As one BT staffer mused: "I'd spend 16 hours on a plane for four days in Venice."

What do you think? Do you have little vacation time but big aspirations and find quick getaways appealing? Or does the thought of a three-day stay at the end of hours of air-travel navigation not seem worth it?

Tell us below or take our poll!


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