Renting a bike nationwide just got much easier

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George Gill and Ray Schuhmann of have invented a tool for cycling enthusiasts that seems so obvious, it is hard to believe it didn't exist before.

At RentaBikeNow, travelers interested in biking in 37 states and 144 U.S. cities can reserve bikes to their own specifications (such as cruiser or racer), and receive maps with suggested itineraries for their selected destination. The site lets you remove uncertainty about what you will find at a bike shop when you arrive, whether you need a child's seat or a bicycle built for two. The only labor intensive part of the trip is the actual biking.

Some cities and states, such as Idaho and New Mexico, don't have any shops participating yet, though owners Gill and Schuhmann have their sights set on plugging those gaps. They also plan on expanding RentaBikeNow to include worldwide listings.

—Julia Furlan, Budget Travel intern

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