Send Us Your Supermarket Souvenirs!


Love foreign supermarkets as much as we do? Now you can prove it.

We've partnered with an online photo-sharing website called and created a Supermarket Souvenir slide show.

Here's how to view our slide show:

1. Go to and sign up for a free account

2. After you've signed up and logged in, go to our Budget Travel Supermarket Souvenirs page on (or search for "supermarket souvenirs" on

To add your own photo to our Supermarket Souvenirs slide show (if you upload a photo, we may publish it in the magazine):

1. E-mail your JPEG photos to
Make your photo at least 400 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall

2. Add your caption information to the e-mail subject line

3. After you've sent your e-mail with the caption and attached photo, it'll automatically be added to our slide show.

4. To view it, go to our Budget Travel Supermarket Souvenirs page at (or search for "supermarket souvenirs")

Plus: Read Supermarket Souvenir highlights from Budget Travel magazine.

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