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We're asking readers to pitch us their best idea for what would make a good article in Budget Travel magazine. We'll be sending a bunch of readers out to report the story for our 10th anniversary issue coming out in June 2008.

To get your creative juices flow, here are three pitches that caught our eye:

Ever since childhood I've gravitated toward trees. My sense of exploration demanded that I take hold of Grandpa's grandest oaks—and Grandpa had some of the finest in Jersey—and climb toward the heavens 'til Mom's voice summoned me down. (Alas, but a few precious moments up in the trees.) I've recently learned of the unique form of accommodation known as tree hotels, many of which can be found in the Pacific Northwest, where the trees are ever-so majestic... I'd like to bed down in (and write about) these hotels/B&Bs of the Pacific Northwest. The story would be fun, insightful, and would beckon even wary mothers out of the woodwork—or should I say into the woodwork? Jeremy Gates of Pittsburgh, Pa.

When most people think about Iceland, they think of a place that's dark, cold, and barren. I thought the same thing at first, until I saw pictures and was mesmerized. The beauty and ruggedness of the landscape fascinated me and, as an amateur photographer, I've been driven ever since to explore the mountains, lava flows, glaciers, and waterfalls with my lens and to show this beauty to others. The more I researched Iceland, the more exciting the country seemed. This land of perpetual sunlight in summer and shimmering Northern Lights in winter has something for everyone: lots of outdoor activities (including hiking, skiing, and bird and whale watching), a vibrant nightlife, and exciting festivals (who wouldn't want to go to the Midwinter Feast and try rotten shark meat?). Although the interior of the island can only be accessed in summer, the road encircling Iceland is open year-round and allows visitors to explore all of the island's populated areas and many of nature s treasures (including hot springs, volcanoes, and Europe's largest glacier). I'm the perfect person to write about Iceland. I'm an avid traveler and photographer. I've done the usual trips to Italy, Spain, and France, but I really love traveling to unique places many people have never heard of, let alone traveled to. I enjoy learning about local cultures and taking unique pictures that capture the essence of a country. I would love the opportunity to discover Iceland and to share the experience with your readers. Jennifer Sabo of Tuckerton, N.J.

Waiting in line at Disneyland or taking a cruise with Mickey and Donald isn't our style of fun. We're also not the family who parachutes out of a plane over some a remote jungle to inoculate natives over Easter break. We're just your average family of four looking for creative ways to bond over new cultural experiences. We've cruised through Baja and the Mexican Riviera on a giant floating picnic basket. We've stuffed ourselves with crab in the Bay Area. We've left our DNA in the bellies of the High Sierra mosquitoes. We're on a first-name basis with Shamu and her family in San Diego. And of course we've captured the full experience of Danish culture in Solvang. If you can drive or cruise there and back in seven days or less, we've done it. So what's left for these world travelers? Well... the world. We've been blessed with two children who are willing to eat more than chicken nuggets and French fries, and it's time for us all to discover new and exciting places. So how about unleashing this unique family of wannabe adventurers on the world? We'll go anywhere and we'll try anything. We've been searching for the appropriate time to wish others a Mele Kalikimaka, or we'd love to return to our roots in Germany. We're hot on the idea of conducting a salsa study of South America, or we're up for comparing apples to apples in Washington. I'm an amateur photographer, and my husband is a great cook who loves to shop for ingredients everywhere we go. Our kids really do say the darnedest things and they're great little laid-back travelers. So, that's us in a nutshell. By the way, we actually are willing to jump from a plane over a remote jungle to inoculate natives over Easter break. If that's what you're looking for... we're that flexible. Amy Koller of Yucaipa, Calif.

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