TSA 'humor': Where'd you get this baggie of white powder, miss?

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Everybody knows that at TSA checkpoints, you're not supposed to joke about drugs, bombs, or pretty much anything, right? Well, everybody except for one schmuck TSA agent, that is.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a 22-year-old college student was recently stopped by a TSA agent after she'd passed through security gates at Philadelphia International Airport. The agent produced a baggie of white powder and asked the young woman, "Where did you get it?"

Some 20 seconds (which probably felt like 20 days) later, the agent smiled and said he was just kidding.


Even more appalling: The incident occurred on January 5, just a couple of weeks after a man tried to blow up a Northwest flight on Christmas day.

Every traveler should feel somewhat relieved that, per an update in the Inquirer story, the agent-prankster is no longer employed by the TSA.

What's scary is that someone hired this person to be an agent in the first place.


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