Turin: The Shroud unshrouded

Courtesy arjuna/Flickr

The famous shroud of Turin—believed by some to be Jesus Christ's burial cloth—will be on display for the first time since its intensive restoration in 2002.

It'll be a chance for travelers to judge the success of the repair effort, which involved removing a system of patches sewn onto the cloth by 16th-century nuns hoping to repair fire damage.

Nearly 2 million pilgrims and tourists may visit the Turin Cathedral for the display now through May 23, says CNN.com. (Pope Benedict XVI will visit Turin on May 2.)

Book a free ticket to see the Holy Shroud (Santa Sindone) at sindone.org. Reservations are necessary to get within viewing distance of the relic; otherwise, you'll only be able to enter the central nave of the cathedral.


The Instant Turin app—available on iTunes or at instantcities.com—helps travelers explore the Italian city through photographs, searchable descriptions of tourist spots, and Google street maps. It's free for downloading until Saturday, April 24th, after which it'll be $3.

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