We want to know your airport secrets!

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Hey BT readers,

Fran Golden here! I've been writing about travel for over 20 years and traveling even longer than that! I'm Budget Travel's new Trip Coach so you'll be seeing my name in the magazine before too long. In the meantime, I want to know your airport secrets!

Can you bring a turkey on a plane? What about the gravy?

OK, we know these may be far-fetched questions for most people, but we've seen firsthand someone trying to bring a full-size jar of mayonnaise—yes, mayo—through airport security (for what purpose we have no idea).

So in preparation for the holiday travel season, Trip Coach is looking at ways to help you navigate smoothly through airports, and that includes a rundown of the rules.

We'll look into such questions as:

What's the latest with the TSA's security measures? Does it pay to check-in online? Does it make sense to have your boarding pass sent to your smart phone? Is carry-on a better choice than checked luggage? Do wrapped gifts count as baggage?

We'd love to hear your experiences in these areas.

Have you been able to speed your way through the airport process? How? Have you been charged for overweight bags? Has your carry-on been taken away at the gate? What have you experienced in airport security lines? Is it worth it to pay an extra fee to board the plane before everyone else?

Tell us your secrets for navigating the airport below!


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