What $100 Buys in... Queenstown


When you're done testing your extreme-sports limits in this New Zealand town—a little canyon swinging, anyone?—you can scavenge for some equally quirky local souvenirs.

$24 Necklace The shell of the local abalone, paua, is swirled with dark opalescent bands. This pendant's fishhook shape pays homage to the strong ties that the indigenous Maori have to the sea. Jade Factory, 22 Beach St., 011-64/3-442-8688.

$17 Socks There's plenty of fine merino wool produced in the country, but a less expected luxury fiber comes from the brushtail possum. Kiwi South Knitwear sells socks, hats, and gloves made from the brushtail's downy fur. 38 The Mall, 011-64/3-442-7887.

$3 Fishing lure Queenstown sits on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, which is fed by glacial rivers and teeming with trout and salmon. The vibrant, metallic spinners in stock at Outside Sports are popular with local anglers. 36-38 Shotover St., 011-64/3-441-0074, outsidesports.co.nz.

$20 Wine Henry van Asch, who cofounded the Kiwi sport of bungee jumping, also owns Freefall Wine Company. One of his vineyards overlooks Kawarau Gorge, where thousands take the plunge each year. 011-64/3-442-7310, freefallwines.com.

$6 Skin cream Fact: Sheep farmers have soft hands. The secret is the nourishing lanolin in the sheep's wool—a key ingredient in the High Country Lanolin Intensive Cream sold at Mary's Sheep. 27 Beach St., 011-64/3-441-2989.

$6 Lollipops Bees that buzz around native manuka plants make honey with antibacterial benefits. These lollipops have a UMF (unique manuka factor) of 10, so they work wonders for a sore throat. Queenstown Health & Sport Nutrition, 18 Camp St., 011-64/3-409-2974.

$7 Salad tongs For the Maori, the hei-tiki is a symbol of good luck, and objects bearing the glyph are traditionally carved from vibrant greenstone. In the Pink sells kitschy plastic salad servers adorned with the motif. 31 Camp St., 011-64/3-441-1525, inthepink.co.nz.

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