You've Gotta See This Cool Hyperlapse Video of Ko Samet, Thailand

Late night fishingFishing in Ko Samet
Courtesy kboaz/myBudgetTravel

Fishing in Ko Samet, Thailand.

Ride along with us on the back of a Thai taxi! Photographer Quint Smith shot the hyperlapse video below in Ko Samet at the tail end of his recent trip to Thailand.

Underneath the video, Smith details how he got the shot and what it's like to visit Ko Samet:

A post shared by Quint Smith (@quintsmith) on Mar 13, 2015 at 2:22am PDT


"The taxis in Thailand are divided into four common groups: tuk tuks, cars, motorbikes, and songthaews," Smith says. "This video was shot from the back of a songthaew, which is a truck with benches that run the length of each side of the bed. This was a fantastic perspective for a trip through the island, which is very narrow and only a few miles long. There is only one road running from end to end, and this was shot at the beginning of my journey to my hotel.

"Ko Samet is unique in that it's free of the high rises that often litter the beach landscape. The island is a national park, and the Thai government carefully regulates its development. It's a gorgeous stop that's only a few hours' drive from Bangkok but truly feels isolated from the busy city."

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