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Toss your chargers and cords into a travel-themed Everything Bag: zippered, stain-resistant, machine-washable pouches designed by artists around the world, from patterns dreamed up in Barbados to surfing-inspired prints from California. Artists earn proceeds from each sale (from $22,
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Tap the stem of this sleek, design-forward Apelpi Slim 3200 mAh lightweight external battery charger to juice an iPhone one and a half times. That's 9 hours of video, a.k.a. more episodes of Scandal you can watch on the plane (from $55,
Wearing a hair band around your wrist is a travel necessity if you have a long hair, but it's not exactly a fashion statement. Enter the Duelette, a bracelet that doubles as a hair band: It's a good look for lounging by the pool or trekking through a trendy city, and—more importantly—it means one fewer piece of jewelry you have to pack ($15,
Let's hear it for the original solo traveler: Alice, of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland fame. Jot down thoughts about your own "curious" journeys in this new limited-edition notebook from Moleskine, which features a reproduction of Lewis Carroll's original handwritten manuscript on the inside cover and Playing Card–inspired stickers in the back…because stickers are always fun ($19,
Maxi skirts are comfortable, not too casual (no pajamas on the plane!), and a fit for almost any destination. BT Creative Director Chalkley Calderwood swears by them when she travels. Layer a jacket and scarf over this Bobi striped boho dress to combat airplane A/C, then take 'em off when your flight lands in the tropics ($56,
In the noise-cancelling headphones game, Bose gets most of the attention, but Audio-Technica's headphones are about half the price and of very decent quality. We hear raves about the ATH-ANC27X QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones, which sell for 60 bucks on Amazon ($100 direct from the manufacturer,
Throw this minimalist, water-resistant twill-and-leather Everlane Weekender bag into your trunk for a road trip or stuff it into an airplane's overhead compartment. The bag's quality is high, but the price is low: Everlane sells online only, eliminating bricks-and-mortar markups, and scrutinizes the factories it works with, partnering solely with those who meet its compliance standards ($95,
If only that wine tour in Bordeaux or Napa could last forever! The closest thing to keeping the party going is bringing back a bottle, but the downside of toting booze is praying it doesn't break inside your checked luggage. Solution: The Jet Bag, a padded plastic bag that seals at the top and absorbs liquids should (god forbid) the bottle shatter ($12 for 3 bags, Another option: Senior Editor Jamie Beckman recommends the inflatable VinniBag ($30,
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When you're frantically throwing clothes and toiletries into your luggage for a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway, the last thing you want to forget is something crucial. Have a Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit nestled in your bag at all times, and you'll be good to go. The pouch holds 17 mini essentials, from deodorant towelettes to lip balm to Advil ($16,
If you're a gadget geek who craves organization, the new lightweight Booq Boa saddle bag will be your loyal sidekick. Designed for frequent travelers who want to maximize storage space, the Boa has seemingly infinite numbers of pockets for a tablet, books, chargers, notebooks, pens, and a 15.6-inch Mac or PC. A five-year warranty, near-indestructible ballistic nylon, and a strap for luggage trolleys help justify the price ($195,
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We're not sure how Yuthica managed to capture the rich, delicious, transporting scents of our favorite destinations and infuse them into its custom-blended Travelogue Candles, but the result is so accurate it's almost eerie. Put a candle on your desk to take an olfactory journey to places including Cabo (olive leaf, lemon verbena, and neroli), Maasai Mara (sandalwood musk), Havana (tobacco, sweet orange, sandalwood), and Marrakech (rose, angellica, frankincense) ($40,
This ultra-portable Muji Neck Cushion is beloved by BT Photo Editor Whitney Tressel. Inflate it to use it, then deflate it to transport it. The real win: You don't have to carry around one of those cumbersome neck cushions everywhere ($15,
Travel does a number on your skin, whether you're dealing with dry airplane air or a wicked sunburn. We're digging these teensy 0.33-oz single-serving Nügg Beauty face mask pods, particularly the shea butter–based Soothing formula and the Revitalizing peppermint and flaxseed oil mask. Throw one in your carry-on to treat yourself, or bring a few on a girlfriend getaway for everyone to try. Psst: You can get two uses out of each pod if you seal it in a Ziploc bag ($3.29 per pod, 
Aside from being the perfect comfy shoes for the beach or a city stroll, there's another reason why we're smitten with the Dali from Soludos: They're named after artist Salvador Dali, who was known to walk the streets of Barcelona in espadrilles. Snap up a pair in basic black, or think different like Dali and opt for Daffodil Yellow ($36,
A hotel gym is a strange place: It's either desolate and smells like tire rubber, or there's no gym at all, as with some vacation rentals. To increase your odds of getting a workout in on the road, the compact, fitness expert–developed FitKit includes a jump rope, stretchy bands, and Deal-A-Meal–style cards that guide you through strength-training, cardio, and stretching exercises. No apps, no gadgets, no creepy guy on the treadmill next to you ($35,
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Dragging your laptop case out from under the airplane seat in front of you mid-flight is a feat that requires Cirque du Soleil–level contortion, what with the bending, the unzipping, and the "trying not to wedge your computer between metal bars." The Acme Made Skinny Sleeve's thin water-resistant neoprene shell and notebook-like elastic band changes all that. Easy in, easy out ($40,
If "midi" is your preferred hemline length, this navy Oasis nautical-stripe dress will take you from sightseeing to dinner like it's no big thing. Bonus points for being machine washable ($62,
Yes, you can afford to set your black roller bag apart with a designer label! Kate Spade's Off We Go luggage tags are made of durable silicone that'll roll with baggage handlers' punches ($14,
Canvas-and-leather SeaVees Bayside sandals are a favorite of BT Digital Editor Kaeli Conforti's. Inspired by '60s hippie subculture, they're neutral enough to complement a spectrum of travel outfits, from skinny jeans to summer dresses ($128,

Knock, knock: It's your new favorite travel gear. Peep our affordable picks for perfect airplane outfits, streamlined carry-ons, and tech solutions that will transform you into one of those effortlessly chic, super-organized travelers who glides through the airport ready to jet.

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