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Photo tip: Capturing where you're dining - the vibe of the restaurant, the movement of the dining room, the decor - is just as visually interesting as the food. Look around and you'll find a lot to capture, from the table setting to the excitement of the open kitchen to the sign hanging outside the front door.

Instagram tip: Stay true to your style. Post images that are consistent with the look and subject you are interested in so followers know what to expect, and why to follow your account.

Favorite spot: In the summer, my husband and I spend a lot of time on Cape Cod. We’re big fans of Clean Slate Eatery in Dennis, MA, where patrons can enjoy a multi-course meal that's plated right in the dining room and served by the chefs themselves. The open kitchen presents for some exciting photo ops. 


Photo tip: Use natural light. Natural light (vs a flash or another form of artificial light) creates a warmer, more welcoming image.  It's incredibly difficult to take a shot of food with your phone in a dimly lit room.  Even if the dish is beautiful and the composition of the shot is perfect, the picture may come out grainy. 

Instagram tip: Use hashtags to connect with other Boston diners (or what ever locations you are posting from). Some that I include in posts are #bosfeed #bostonrestaurants #bostonfoodies #bostonfood 

Favorite Spot: Don't be afraid to ask for a table by the window at Kirkland Tap and Trotter. There are only a handful available, but it's the best place to photograph their gorgeous brunch menu. 


Photo tip:  Provide some human element in the frame. Pull back and reveal a hand or shoes to show that there's a person

enjoying the food. And dig into that plate, add a fork, a drink, get messy. Food is meant to be enjoyed and people will relate to the image even more than they would an untouched plate.

Instagram tip: Tag any businesses featured in your photos to ensure that they see the post. 

Favorite Spot: Cafes are a place to relax and nibble on a pastry, sip a latte, and catch up on a book or catch up with a friend. Their decor is often rustic or eclectic, which can make for a fun snap. 


Photo tip: Get the camera in an orientation so that the scenery is at eye level. This will draw the viewer to the important elements (in this case, the boats and houses). 

Instagram tip: Instagram gives you the option of presenting your images as a full-frame or cropped (squared). For landscapes, I want to provide more of the scene, so I keep it full-frame.

Favorite Spot: If you're taking a drive up along the North Shore, there are some beautiful scenic spots to check out along the coast: Manchester by the Sea, Gloucester, and Rockport all have beautiful views and delicious eats. 


Photo tip: Make sure you have something going on in each part of your image. For this photo, I waited for two people to walk by so they'd be in the right section of the frame.

Instagram tip: Be active with others. Like images of others on Instagram and comment on their images.

Favorite Spot: There are always people hanging outside of the Boston Public Library, which means there are lots of fun and engaging subjects to photograph.


Ready to take your travel photography from yawn to yowza? We asked pro photographer Brian Samuels (whose beautiful Instagram, @myfoodthoughts, has more than 13,000 followers) to share some start-today secrets of the trade.

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