41 Mother-Daughter Trips of a Lifetime

White buildings against the deep blue Mediterranean in Santorini, GreeceBuckingham Palace in London, EnglandA beautiful beach on Kalanggamon Island in the Philippines.Vernazza in the Cinque Terre, ItalyUluru, or Ayers Rock, in AustraliaCamels trek in front of the Pyramids in EgyptWaikiki Beach on Oahu with Diamond Head in the background.Beneath the Eiffel Tower in ParisA beautiful view of the Monaco coastlineGrand Bazaar in Istanbul, TurkeyAbbey Road in LondonA gorgeous view of New York City from Central ParkLights of Las Vegas at nightZebras during a safari in AfricaScenic ride through the American SouthwestCastles along the lake in AustriaThe Royal Palace in Bangkok, ThailandA rope bridge through the jungle in Costa RicaRed tulips at Keukenhoff Gardens in Holland.Stockholm, SwedenShells of Sanibel Island, FloridaFountain at Forsyth Park in Savannah, GeorgiaMayan ruins of Palenque in MexicoA cruise through Alaska's glaciersColorful buildings along Italy's Amalfi CoastTanah Lot Temple by the ocean in Bali, IndonesiaA beautiful town square in PolandNova Scotia, CanadaElephants on safari in AfricaA view of the city of St. Petersburg, RussiaA square in New OrleansWinery in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, CanadaHorseshoe Bay, BermudaA scenic hillside in Italy's Tuscany regionIndia's Taj Mahal at sunriseNotre Dame Cathedral in Paris, FranceTaormina, SicilyThe road to Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda, AfricaA gorgeous view of Budapest, HungarySemester at SeaA glass of wine at sunset.
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"Greece, because my mother reminds me of 'Shirley Valentine' without the Greece vacation. I would let her sit by the sea, drink some wine, and enjoy the peace." —Kim Kurylo
"I'd take my mom to England. She has an semi-unhealthy obsession with everything that has to do with the Royal Family. She would love every museum, landmark, and just the atmosphere in that country. She helped me to see almost all of western Europe, I want to fulfill one of her dreams." —Geraldine Delos Santos
"My Mom was in the Peace Corps in the Philippines in the early 1960's. I'd love to go there with her and see where she worked and hear more of her stories." —Diana Wisler Beckmann
"I would take my mother to Italy—she has never been. We would visit Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii and Cinque Terre. We would see everything we could, but also make time to sit on the piazza and enjoy a drink. We would go shopping and eat something different and yummy for every meal!" —Becky Ellzey
"I would take my daughter to Australia. She is studying to be a veterinarian in University all because of Steve Irwin and his love of animals." —Nellie Cross
"Egypt. I remember sitting on my mother's lap, looking through what I think were National Geographic books about the country and it's history. We would talk about what life must have been like in ancient Egypt and look at the big glossy beautiful pictures. I'm almost 40 and those memories of special times with mom are still cherished!" —Lori Goodwin
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"Took my Mom to Oahu after her cancer treatments & she's always wanted to go back to the Big Island." —@Luv2Trvls via Twitter.
"I'd go with my daughter to Paris. We haven't been there together for a dozen years. We'd visit museums, shop, eat, drink and stroll through the neighborhoods!" —Diana Bustamante
"I would take her to Monaco. I rave about it and she would love playing posh for a day!" —@WhatDoesLisa via Twitter.
"My Mom has been to Turkey several times, and she is an amazing "negotiator." I would love to go to the Turkish bazaars, rug shop, and of course eat yummy food, and explore ruins. My Mom is gutsy and can get the price of anything down." —Abby Gramling Garland
"I would go to London with my mom. I know it may sound boring, but her whole entire life she has dreamt about going there and seeing all the Beatles sights. I would love to make that happen for her!" —Crystal Wishart
"New York City. She lived there for a while and I would love for her to be my tour guide." —Joanne Zambo
"It might sound weird, but I'd take my mom to see Garth Brooks in Las Vegas. He is her all time favorite performer and I know she'd love to see him in concert. Also, she's limited to a walker or wheelchair and I know that a city like Las Vegas is handicap accessible. Plus, there's fun restaurants and beautiful hotels!" —Jenni Kelly
"My daughter is going to college for the first time in the fall. I would love to go on safari with her. That has been dream of mine and hers. She is my only child and I've been a single mom since 18, this is a big moment for us." —Candice Caceres-Mendieta
"I would take my 2 daughters on a road trip across america in an RV." —Jeanne Delcastillo Hammer (before you go, some helpful tips: 5 Road-Tested Tips from an RV Rookie.)
"I'd take my Mom to Austria to see where our family came from. The Old Country, if you will..." —@suchabooknerd via Twitter.
"I did one with my Mom to Bangkok & Sukhothai in Thailand. Perfect combo of history, culture, spas, food, & shopping!" —@TheDealMommy via Twitter.
"We went to Costa Rica on a high adventure trip for 10 days and did all those wonderful things in Monteverde, zipline, hanging bridges, etc. She's now 25 and we try to do something each year for our birthday month, November." —Sharon Hahn
"Netherlands, to see the tulips flower." —@daniek258 via Twitter.
"I would take my mom to Sweden to visit her relatives before she can no longer travel. She has found them on Facebook and they chat back and forth, but she has never been there to visit." —Jennifer Littler
"My daughter is 18. I would take her to Sanibel Island, Florida. It is quiet, beautiful, warm, the ocean is gentle, full of seashells, lots of little shops to explore, many restaurants to try, bikes to ride. All designed for a peaceful time to be together before she ventures off again into the hustle and bustle of the world." —Fern Ricci
"I would love to take my mother on a trip to the South, specifically Atlanta, Savannah, the sea islands off the coast of Georgia. We would see every old Southern mansion, wade in the ocean, and breathe in the smell of the flowers. I think there would be time for some good meals and antique shopping as well." —Cynthia Blixt
"I would love to take my daughters to the Yucatan. We love history and exploring the Mayan ruins would be a fantastic experience together." —Amy Schnoor
"Mom and I are dreaming of an Alaska cruise." —Catherine Skidmore
"Country driving in few of European countries would be our dream. By the time we reach Southern Italy, we would take a cooking class, making various pasta and enjoying the best view from Amalfi Coast." —Maria Sukrisman
"I would choose the beach, especially in Bali, Indonesia, where you have a peace mode and romantic sunset view...and it is your chance to talk/discuss [about] what's going on on her life & give her advice on how to become a good girl/lady/woman. I'm from the Philippines but I love Bali, Indonesia very much." —Leizelle Celeste
"Poland. As a second-generation American, I would love to be able to show my daughter our ancestry and discover the culture, food, and language together. I've never been so it would be the trip of a lifetime." —Dawn Giba Edwards
"I'd take my mom back to Nova Scotia. It was the last vacation she and my dad went on and by far one of her favorite. She's often said she'd love for us to see it the way my dad showed it to her—I'd like her to have that chance!" —Wendy Wilder Andrews
"Best mother-daughter getaway would be an animal safari in Botswana. We could have professional guides take us out in the mornings and evenings to spot lions, gazelles, and an assortment of other beasts & hang out pool side sipping on fresh fruit juices and get some spa treatments during the day." —Rhonda Hankins
"A few years ago my mother and I tagged along with my daughter to a conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. My mother especially enjoyed all of the lavish royal palaces. Since we grew up in the Cold War we had preconceived notions of Russia but the city was beautiful and the people were friendly. It was quite an adventure!" —Carol Landry
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"I would take my step-daughter to New Orleans in October. She loves history and the supernatural and what better place to enjoy both! Cemetery and plantation tours, a ghost hunt, and maybe a visit to a voodoo fortune teller. Can't forget a daytrip to the French Quarter (she's too young to go at night), and a ride on a steamboat to round it all out." —Steph Klett
"We've already done a wine tour of the Okanagan Valley [in British Columbia, Canada]--she was five at the time! There was a lot of other stuff to do there besides visit wineries: horseback riding, nature walk, orchards, picnics, watching migrating salmon, etc." —Yuki Hayashi
"I would take my mom and my daughter to Bermuda. My mom used to live there when her father was in the service. My four year old would have to go because she loves the beach." —Arin Norris
"My mom, her sister (my aunt), and I did a tour of Tuscany, the Italian Riviera, and all over northern Italy after I completed a year abroad in Germany. We are all in the same sorority and had a blast driving through the gorgeous countryside singing Alpha Xi Delta songs. What a hoot!" —Laurie Nason Zeck
"My daughter's a vegetarian and she loves food, so we would go to India to explore vegetarian cuisine!" —Laura Barta
"I want to take my girls to Western Europe so they can see the castles, cathedrals and the real locations that they read about in their history books." —Rebecca Eli Parks
"Italy, to visit our ancestral home. Specifically, Palermo, Sicily. My maternal grandfather was from there and we would love to see whether other relatives from our generations are still there. Fascinating!" —Wynne Gavin
"I'd take my daughter back to Uganda. She and I spent two weeks there five years ago, and it was the best two weeks of my life. Such a special time in my life." —Debbie Brader Travis
"I took my mom to a small village in Hungary (Onod) to meet her long lost family. Staring into the eyes of people who looked just like us was one of the most powerful moments I've ever experienced. It didn't matter that we couldn't speak words to each other (due to language barrier). The tears of joy were the only words any of us needed." —Becky Larson Sulfridge
"I would take my daughter on Semester at Sea: ten countries, one hundred days sailing around the world. One can take classes while on the ship and go to different field trips while docking. It is truly a chance of a lifetime." —Victoria Petra
"My mama and I bond over wine and cooking. I would love to take a culinary retreat with her anywhere!" —@KVtravels via Twitter.

We asked our readers for their best recommendations for a mother-daughter getaway—and they delivered. Just in time for Mother's Day, we present 41 incredible vacation ideas for the girls' trip of a lifetime.

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