20 Adorable Photos of Pets in Halloween Costumes

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Is there anything cuter than a bulldog dressed up like a bee?
A dog disguised as Big Bird...now that's creative!
As this pig-zebra shows, the Great Pupkin isn't just for dogs.
A pup dressed as a Vegas showgirl poses for the camera.
This might just be the most elaborate costume ever. My question is—how did they get their dog to stand that still? 
Lady Gaga makes an appearance in canine form (gotta love that hair!).
Some folks go all out and create floats, such as this one, for their furry friends.
A French bulldog in a beret...sublime!
Dr. Seuss was the theme for this family.
This pooch strolls around the festival masquerading as a bunch of grapes.
Looks, it's a tourist from the Bahamas—fanny pack, camera, and all.
Two princesses in matching dresses, how cute.
A dinosaur struts his stuff in Fort Greene Park.
Yes, this lab is dressed up like a Tennis ball (or a turtle, depending on your perspective).
Remember the Beatles' song "Yellow Submarine?" I'm not saying that was the inspiration for this costume, but it certainly came to mind when I saw this pup.
How sweet...two Hershey's kisses perform for a crowd of onlookers.
It's Cookie Monster!
Instead of dressing up their dog, this couple dressed themselves up...as their dog!
This pooch looks perfectly content to be sporting a banana split Sundae.
Look, it's Clifford the Big Red Dog!

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