New Airport Security Measures

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The U.S. Transportation Administration has introduced new airport security rules in light of the recent announcement of a thwarted terror plot in Britain. The TSA has posted answers to some frequently asked questions on their website  and will continue to update them as measures evolve. Here are the major changes that affect travelers:

At U.S. Airports:

  • No liquids or gels of any kind will be permitted in carry-on baggage. Such items must be in checked baggage. This includes all beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, tooth paste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency.
  • Exceptions: Baby formula and medicines, which must be presented for inspection at the checkpoint. Prescription medicine that matches the passenger's name is permitted. Essential non-prescription medicines such as insulin are permitted.
  • Beverages purchased in the boarding area, beyond the checkpoint, must be consumed before boarding because they will not be permitted onboard the aircraft.
  • Laptop computers, cell phones and other electronic items ARE still allowed on board.
  • Arrival time: Passengers should consult their individual airline, but the TSA recommends arriving at least two hours in advance of flight time. Again, keep in mind that if it is necessary to remove liquids at the checkpoint, time will be added to the process.
  • Additional bag searches: There will be more hand searches of bags at the checkpoint and a bag check at the gate immediately prior to boarding the aircraft.
  • Note: Passengers traveling from the United Kingdom to the United States will be subject to a more extensive screening process.

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