Guests at All-Inclusive Weddings

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If guests need to travel for the wedding, why not choose a vacation spot? Use this worksheet to decide the details for your big day.

At one time, destination weddings were primarily a ceremony for the couple themselves, occasionally accompanied by a pair of close friends to serve as witnesses. Today, however, with families spread out across great distances, more and more destination weddings are including a number of guests. Wedding parties often find it just as easy (and sometimes simpler) to meet at a vacation destination for a wedding than to travel to the couple's hometown.

What are the resort's guest restrictions? _____________________________________________________
_________________ _____________________________________________________

Some all-inclusive resorts are for couples only so this rule will apply to day guests as well. Some all-inclusives are adults-only, permitting only guests age 18 and over (or age 16 in a few cases).

Would we like our guests to stay in other nearby resorts?
__ yes __ no

You may not want to bump into your guests throughout your honeymoon. Sometimes the bride and groom stay at one property and the guests at a sister resort. You'll have the option to get together for a meal or a drink but you won't feel like you've got your guests looking over your shoulder throughout your honeymoon.

What is the fee for non-guests?________

Guests who are not staying at the resort typically purchase a "day pass" or a "night pass," depending on the time of your wedding and reception. This pass typically allows the visitor to enjoy the same privileges as a guest, from drinks to meals.

What hours does this guest pass cover?_____________

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