A bug in Hertz's system?

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While returning a rental car at LAX yesterday, I learned something interesting: The Hertz rep said that if you drive fewer than 100 miles during your rental--as we did, remarkably--the computer automatically charges you for gas ("and if I don't catch it and you don't catch it, you get charged for it," he said). Anyone else ever come across this problem?

UPDATE: Travel guru Christopher Elliott points out in the comments section that he has been following this charge on his excellent blog. (Forgive me for missing it: I was on vacation!) It was actually a company policy, not a bug in the system, and Hertz announced today that the policy is being changed--and what's more, Hertz will start charging fair prices (plus a fee) for gasoline purchased through the company. Elliott explains it well--and simply finding a new way to say it feels too much like school to me--so I'll just link to his explanation here.

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