A few good links: Finding serenity at the airport

Courtesy Idle Type/Flickr
An underground walkway at O'Hare

A few travel stories that caught my eye this past week:

Airport Havens A website for finding the quiet spots at O'Hare and so many other stressful airports. [via Chicago Tribune]

Debunking Thanksgiving myths at Plimoth Plantation A serious lack of pie is just the start of it. [CNN]

Gucci frames for $20? Try Shanghai market "It's a shame the market's so hard to find, because it's a Four Eyes' dream." [Los Angeles Times]

Google Maps Translate Reviews Suddenly that primo cafe is just a little easier to find… [Google Maps Mania]

Across France, Café Owners Are Suffering …unless it's closed already (blame the smoking ban). [New York Times]

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