A few good links: United's planes go cashless, and other news

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United will stop accepting cash for passenger purchases of cocktails or other items on flights, relying on credit and debit cards instead It joins other plastic-only airlines, such as Frontier Airlines, US Airways, and Southwest Airlines. [Chicago Tribune]

US Airways says soda, juice and coffee will be free again for domestic coach passengers Thanks to protests by travelers like you. [Chicago Tribune]

New fees might mark the end of free airport shuttle service by hotels Officials in Washington, D.C. are proposing that "area hotels pay a $2.50 fee every time a hotel shuttle picks up passengers at Ronald Reagan National or Washington Dulles International airports." If successful, other airports around the country might force hotels to charge for shuttle service. [The Fairfax Times via Upgrade: Travel Better, republished at 4:24 p.m. with a clarified attribution]

First train to Laos A new bridge across the Mekong means that you'll be able to take a train to Laos from Thailand—a 2-mile trip. [Guardian]

Machu Picchu: See it before it's gone [The Expeditioner]

TripAdvisor's Dirtiest Hotels "Motels of horror" and others.

Mapping L.A. It takes a village to figure out the city's neighborhoods. [L.A. Times]

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